Assemblyman Craig J. Coughlin

Assemblyman Craig J. Coughlin
569 Rahway Ave.
Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Dear Assemblyman Coughlin,

I am a resident of Carteret, and I am quite upset with the mayor’s plans to build a new road through our neighborhood to connect to a ferry terminal that he wants built, along with hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial space.

People living in my neighborhood will be severely impacted by the extension to Carteret Avenue through an apartment complex and a residential neighborhood. Yet few of us have ever heard of the ferry project or the  40,000 square foot commercial building the mayor wants to build, or the hotel or the movie theatre.

I know you are aware of the ferry project because on the Borough’s website a press release was posted that says:   Mayor Reiman, Gov. Murphy & Speaker Coughlin to Announce $7.75M in FY 2022 Funding for the Carteret Ferry Terminal Project

I’m not sure what you were told by the local politicians about the project before you decided to give the mayor $7.75 millions of taxpayer money, but I am positive he didn’t tell you that the ferry concept was never presented to the public for approval or for comment. You do not seem like the kind of legislator who makes a habit of handing out millions for construction projects without checking to see who will be negatively impacted; or if the projects have public support.  In this case I have to believe you were duped into believing that the Carteret waterfront projects had been presented to residents and had our approval. I assure you neither is true.

We hope that as our state representative you will step in and put a stop to the mayor’s waterfront dreams until a series of public hearings can be held and the people who live in this neighborhood can be heard.  We are not sure if a ferry is a good idea or not, but we know for sure that cutting a road through a well-kept apartment complex  and a quiet residential neighborhood is a bad idea. I urge you to intervene for us since you  are primarily responsible for funding the mayor’s projects.  


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