Sample Letters

  • Assemblywoman Lopez
    A Carteret, NJ resident urges Assemblywoman Lopez to intervene against a State-funded road extension through their neighborhood and by a school, fearing safety risks and community disruption. They criticize the lack of public consultation on the related waterfront development and the project’s potential use of eminent domain.
  • Assemblyman Craig J. Coughlin
    A Carteret resident expresses their concern to Assemblyman Coughlin about the lack of public awareness and approval for a proposed ferry project and associated commercial development, which includes a road extension through their neighborhood. They urge Coughlin to halt the project, funded by $7.75 million in taxpayer money, until public hearings are conducted.
  • Contact Middlesex County Commissioners
    A resident of Carteret, NJ, is urging Commissioner Rios to reconsider a redevelopment plan involving the construction of a new commuter road through their neighborhood. They express concerns about safety hazards, noise, and disruptions caused by increased traffic near homes and a local school. The resident suggests existing roads can accommodate traffic, and urges the Commissioner to investigate and preserve their quiet, safe community.
  • Assemblyman  Craig J. Coughlin
    Residents of Meridian Square in Carteret are urging Assemblyman Coughlin to reconsider the state-funded Carteret Avenue extension project, fearing it will disrupt their quiet neighborhood with increased traffic, noise, and safety hazards. They’re concerned about the lack of public hearings, eminent domain abuse, and the project’s necessity, given alternative routes like Industrial Highway. The community seeks the Assemblyman’s assistance to address these issues and find better solutions to serve the ferry commuters without harming the neighborhood.
  • Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez 
    A resident appeals to Assemblywoman Lopez regarding a state-funded project extending Carteret Avenue through their community to a new ferry terminal. Concerns include risks posed by increased traffic near a school and residential area, loss of peacefulness, traffic noise, pollution, and lack of transparency about the waterfront redevelopment. The resident urges Lopez to investigate the DOT’s rationale and prevent neighborhood destruction.